Solstice thoughts

VRB mask made at UNM, 1980
her serene face found
tucked away in a closet
forty years later

Welcome, friends–old, new, & yet to come. Among the old, a card recently from a student of Virginia’s during her first year of teaching (at Selwyn School in Texas), a middle-schooler then, & friend since, said she checked the site every week or two for new additions. Thus, an encouragement to add more from the treasures still being discovered. 

1st, newcomers just landing here may want to jump down to the bottom post (chronologically first) for a general orientation to the site. Two poems of Virginia’s you won’t want to miss have also been newly uploaded as clickable files in the middle of the “Poetic Discoveries” post (two posts down).  Otherwise the pages clicked to from the MENU above speak for themselves. Drop an email or comment if so moved, including requests.     

oh, beloved
when the dancing is done
& the years have passed

I will wait for you
by the bridge
where the swallows come

ah, rascal moon!
where are you hiding
my beloved?

that milky, dusty blue
one distant ridge
to the next
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~vrb (rev 3/28/2010)

[rev = revisited &/or revised, e.g., tightened & clarified, as this has been today, rev 3/28/2010, our 46th anniversary.]