nature girl, cruising in…
in the loft, at Inspiration
happy trio, Pondicherry: with Gus & visiting butterfly
trio with fellow teachers, “partners in grime,” El Charco, Mud-Puddle Marsh
trio at studio 1313…
trio from Tucson, 6-2019
That’s our girl!

These are just a few that jumped out of our snapshot files, a few more or less randomly pulled boxes so far–more classics on the way…

Having too much trouble uploading & laying out images, so will try another way, adding a multi-page “Family Album Pdf” as a test. If it works well, will add more photos next time around, and perhaps try the same approach to her artworks. CLICK HERE TO OPEN:


[Bit rough in layout, but seems to work! Maybe more new & improved soon.]

cabin-deck family selfie
casting long shadows in light….

Starting with repeat of clickable file above, will add more below ASAP….


slip sliding away… but not the sense of fun, adventure, discovery…..