Still trying to figure out the site’s problematic import & layout features to add more of Virginia’s work from our library of maybe 75 – 100 images directly. So far, this page has only a few more or less random examples, though even these suggest the range & diversity.

A much fuller collection of all but her most recent work (& items tucked away in sketchbooks) may be found in “Alice’s Gallery,” [Click here & then the link provided there for return.]

Such a sweet fruit bowl, don’t you think?

Hard to predict what will come next

the free flow of feeling…

having a hard time with photo-import & image layout, so the link to Alice’s Gallery will have to serve for seeing most of the images now…

Still adding examples to suggest the range & variety of her moods, means, styles & feelings….


Here’s one just started–will more little gem-like stanzas to fill in ASAP: Sketchbooks [Click to open, backspace to return. Just a sample or two from each of two “sketchbooks,” one from Costa Rica, one with entries from various times in the Heart of the Dunes, White Sands.]

Here a group roughly done on lined notebook pages paper-clipped together, more or less complete in itself, although not as a “finished work.”
 VRB–forged in the stars [Click to open, backspace to return. [Not dated.]