Take a Wild Ride

in her hand just found/ years later–a perfect snap/ on its own path here (rb) :

April wind
apple blossoms
take a wild ride

However much in its own season, Virginia’s snapshot is also timeless. Her life was a wild ride with many wild rides taken within, her last fall & week’s aftermath no exception. She took us with her a few times right to the edge, coming back as if only to share–

on the other side/ it really is different…


one more hula
under the blue sky….

facing the east window at dawn. Volumes passed through her attentive hand, with or without words. Poems just found in her hand from earlier times are now going up on other pages, including those in a folder mostly from about 2001-2002.

We are taking nominations for which of Virginia’s poems to include in a small, printed gift for friends to be called Take a Wild Ride, with both apple-blossom snaps & adventures like “All downhill from here…,” one of the wildest rides in words takable anywhere.

Send any nominations–by title or first two lines– c/o bodlibrary2020@gmail.com, with “VRB” in the subject space, or drop them in a “COMMENT/REPLY” box on site.

[P.S.: By “other side,” she seemed to be describing immediate experience, not referring to a pre-conceived place or idea.]

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